2004 Nationals

The 2004 natinals are over, and they were a bust!
The IPMS is going to declare it soon, and the Phoenix Craig Hewitt
Chapter website is already GONE!
That speaks volumes!
I bet they refuse to eat their share of the losses!
What a joke!
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Troll alert!!!!
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Hub & Diane Plott III
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The Old Timer
Sounds like Dennis just woke up from a coma and bribed the nurse to get him a new e-mail addy.
Plonk out of boredom with this fool.
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in article cht2nj$ snipped-for-privacy@odak26.prod.google.com, JJ at snipped-for-privacy@netexpressway.com wrote on 9/10/04 3:27 PM:
Hey, Dennis/AZZ! That you?
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Milton Bell
See my sig line below. Steve
JJ wrote:
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Steve Collins
Oh crap! This must be the latest incarbation for AZHOZER the turd modeler. Worse than trying to kill a cock roach getting rid of this vermin.
PS if not AZHOZER then his clone as you idiots write the same way on the same subjects.
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Please don't feed the troll.
-- -- " In walks the village idiot and his face is all aglow; he's been up all night listening to Mohammad's radio" W. Zevon
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Bill Woodier
You are correct sir!
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Hub & Diane Plott III
he seems to have organic brain damage from too many turds.
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