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I must have had a prolonged Senior Moment but what is the skinny with Accurate Miniatures? I thought that they had folded (sounds of sobbing and wailing and renting of clothes) and sold off their molds. Now I am seeing ads for new releases. Somebody please bring me out of this coma I have been in. Pete

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They did expire, but then I cast a resurrection spell and they came back. So I'm confident they shall continue to exist, yea at least unto the deliverance of the XP47H and XP72 which shall herald the dawning of the Days Of Interesting And Not Grey Aircraft in the minds of men. Amen Chek

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For the straight skinny go to:

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Art Murray

Accurate Miniatures is alive and well.

This week they released (reissued) the TBM-3D Avenger. The kit is avialable at your favorite on-line hobby shop if it is not at the local hobby shop.

The next release is supposed to be another Avenger, this one with George Bush's Markings.

John Mulhall IMPS USA 1377

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