Huge armor reference update

I stopped at Fort Eustes today and took bunches of photos. I posted just a small sampling of them today, which includes the following:

XM211 2.5-Ton 6x6 Cargo Truck M52 5-Ton Rough Terrain Tractor LCM-6 M998 HMMV 4x4 Utility Truck M52A 5-Ton Truck and M127A1 30 ft. Trailer

They can all be seen here:

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Mark F.
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Not a bad museum there, either.

I figured out it was time for me to retire from the US Army the day I visited the US Army Transporation Museum and found that EVERYTHING I had ever learned to drive on active duty was there in the museum except me!

Cookie Sewell AMPS

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No Cookie, it's time to retire when stuff that wasn't even available yet when you were a kid is now considered an antique!!!

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Bradford Chaucer

Oh crap he had to go there!

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The Model Hobbit

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