Slixx Decals is Closing Down

Well after reading about it on Scale Auto Enthusiast Online, I decided to find out for myself. I sent a email to Slixx and a few minutes later got a response which I wished was just a bad nightmare. Becky from Slixx confirmed that they were in fact closing down, due to rising licensing and manufacturing costs. She went on to say that, they were gonna stay open a few months months just long enough to finish some unfinished projects they currently have going. But after those are done, Slixx is history. Im not sure about the rest of you out there, but this really really sucks. I wish something else could have been done other than closing down, but its too late now. Now the search for another decal maker as good as Slixx shall begin. As bad as I hate to say this, that search doesnt look too promising.

--------Saddened NASCAR modeler in Mississippi, Larry M.

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Larry Mowery
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Damn I wanted those Schlitz beer decals in the worst way!

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