AFV Club's Bulldog - Bulldog experts?

If I were to get this kit with the intention of building the AFV Club's 35th Bulldog to represent the ones that my recently departed Gpa was in charge of after WWII with the 3rd battalion, 163rd armored cavalry in the Montana NG, what else should I get with it? Should I get one of the AFV Club sets of tracks? The Eduard PE set? Any recommendations?


I have a couple fuzzy photos of the M41 with his group, in a sort of booklet yearbook from 1957. Doesn't look like I need any special markings, though I may name the one I build after either him or my Gma, who he met in Australia right after being sent there and before his 163rd became known as the "Jungleers" in the bloody Papua/New Guinea campaigns. Ever since he died I have no wanted to build models, but I have a strong urge to build a Bulldog "for him".

Tracy, mainly an airplane person, but I enjoy building the occasional 'target' too.

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Either the AFV Club M41 or the Skybow one are excellent and will be a nice built right out of the box. The main difference is that the AFV Club one has a "naked" mantelet and the Skybow one comes with a pretty decent flexible vinyl one. (Secret is apparently stick it in the freezer for a while before trying to clean off the mold seam though.)

Neither one really "needs" etched metal if you just want to build it for sentimentality (or "go to hell" modeling -- "That's the way I want to build it, and if you don't like it, you can go to hell!")

Cookie Sewell AMPS

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Pssst, Tracy, Don't call them 'targets', you'll upset the trackheads..... :-)

RobG (the Aussie one)

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