AFV - Moser Karl 60cm

It will quickly becom obvious that I'm not an AFV type so please bear
with me.
Quarter Kit have released a 1/48th kit of the 'Moser Karl 60cm' and I
thought that looks kind of neat. But when I did a little research I put
myself in a 'what the heck?' box.
The Quarter Kit has 11 road wheels and 6 return rollers. From what I
can figure out the 60cm machines [Gerat 040] had 8 road wheels and 8 return
rollers while the newer 54cm machines [Gerat 041] had the 11 road wheels and
6 return rollers.
Quarter kit state that the barrels were interchangable....... but if
they needed the extra range of the 54cm machines why would they put the
older 60cm barrels on the newer machines? I know there's a simple answer
but I'm obviously missing it. Would someone be so kind as to explain it to
me or direct me to a site that may have the answer - in simple terms for an
non-AFV type.
Thanks all. cheers - Jim. [The 'x' thingys in my address are my
attempted spam stoppers]
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"Jim" wrote
****** Ta Da! I think I found it.......... I was using Google to search on 'Mower 60cm' and didn't find much. I tried searching on 'Gerat 040' and found a whole pile of stuff........ It seems as if the prototype had the 8 road wheels and the 8 return rollers with the production models having the 11 & 6 combination. So I guess with the exception of the prototype all of the Gerat 040s and 041s had the 11 & 6 combination as per the Quarter Kit edition......... neat.
Anyway I'll go with that.
Thanks all. cheers - Jim.
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