Are airbrush's right or left handed? or are they universal? Hope that makes sense!

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Johnny Withahole
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Larry Farrell

Most airbrushes are universal. However, some manufacturers, such as Paasche, sell both right-handed and left-handed color cups (basically, on which side of the brush they are against).

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Greg Heilers

Larry Farrell wrote in news:1127401216.c2347a91032fcc0d878e76357605448a@teranews:

Nope not all are universal I bought a CHEAP Badger 100 once. Unseen, on the net The 100 being my favorite.

Now i know why it was sooo cheap ......twas a lefty. It was a side feeder but I wasn't told and I have to say I hadn't asked.

But it made a heck of a Christmas present for my lefthanded best friend!!



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I stand corrected. The Badger 100 *does* come in right handed or left handed models! However, most side feed airbrushes can be switched so either left handed or right handed users can set it up so it is most comfortable for them.

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Larry Farrell

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