Alumilite compared to epoxy?

I've cast some small parts using epoxy. And I'm wondering how it
compares to a real casting resin like Alumilite.
Can anyone comment on the following properties of Alumilite vs. epoxy?
+ Viscosity before setting
+ Strength
+ Brittleness
+ Bendability
+ Shrinkage
Thanks for your help.
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Bruce W.1
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You are comparing apples to oranges. I never used any epoxy for casting. It seems way too viscous to pour.
When you say epoxy, do you mean something like "Envirotex" and not the 5minute stuff which comes in tubes?
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for more info.
The only bad thing on the 3minute (Regular) resin was the setup time is too quick! :-) That is the only one I've tried.
It is probably less brittle than epoxy.
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Peter W.

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