Is Shep Paine still writing?

He got me and probably most of us old geezers interested in kits and
dioramas back in the early 70's.
Is he still submitting articles, etc to any of the various hobby
periodicals or has he been sent out to stud???
thx - Craig
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Shep is very much "alive and well". He is still one of the "Powers That Be" with the Military Miniature Society of Illinois. And each October, during "The Chicago Show", he still hosts a huge shindig at his charming and quaint home in Skokie. His home is better than most any museum you will ever visit; as each and every room is full (and I mean FULL) of militaria, from the Napoleonic, Victorian, Edwardian eras, as well as early to mid 20th century. Shep also still travels around the country (as well as the world) giving his intensive, private painting and modeling classes. (He was in Ontario, this past Saturday, for that very reason). He also still writes extensively, for newsletters, journals, magazines, etc., in the historical miniature areas of the hobby, as well as the militaria areas.
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