Hi guys,
Well there is always a first time for everything. I have been trading on
Hyperscale for a few years now and had only good experiences with
modellers from Australia, Europe and the US. But I finally got shafted.
The guys name is VICTOR KOH from Singapore. He responded to one of my
posts on HS and we agreed on a trade  two of my kits for one of his. He
insisted on posting things by airmail, which was OK with me since it
takes something like 5-7 days between Singapore and Melbourne and does
not cost that much. I sent my kits and after two weeks emailed him. He
said that he got my kits, but he is having problems with the post office
and there is going to be a delay. That did not ring a bell and I waited.
And I am still waiting (2 months). He does not respond to my emails and
when I told him that I am going to post a bad trader alert he told me
to wait a week and if I do not get my kit from him he can send me both
of my kits back. I said its fine with me, but asked him for a copy of a
receipt. I have not got anything. If I get my stuff back or the kit from
him you are going to see my apology on this forum, but for the time
being be aware and approach with caution. Here are his details:
Victor Koh, 2,Lentor Lane, Singapore 789122, Singapore; email:
I really hate to do this and some may think its too early, but it looks
to me that I am dealing with somebody untrustworthy. And I know a few
other guys in exactly the same situation as mine so they may join with a
warning in here.
Happy modelling,
Lukasz Kedzierski, Melbourne
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Lukasz Kedzierski
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As far as Victor is concerned, I to was in the process of working out a trade with him when I came across a warning about him on Hyperscale. I then proceeded to insist he send items first upon which he informed it would be no problem, needless to say, thats the last I heard from him. I've emailed several times and have yet to receive a response. Sorry to hear of your troubles, but I'm sure glad I didn't proceed with our deal. Best bet is to post an inquiry regarding an individual on Hyperscale, Missinglynx and Aircraftresourcecenter. Pretty safe bet that someone on those sites will have feedback for most individuals advertising on the various boards.
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If you have been ripped off by someone on the Net then do what I do..... Send a polite message to his ISP informing them that one of their clients is defrauding people and suggest that they ban him from their service. Get any other people who have been ripped off to do the same or cc: them in on your email. Give as much evidence as possible.
I have done this in the past and have found that most ISP's do not want to be associated with these sorts of people and they kick them right off....
This won't get your kits or money back but it sure will inconvenience him and it may make you feel a bit better.
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