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Kit Review: Dragon Models Limited 1/35 Scale ?39-?45 Series Figure Sets:
Kit No. 6234, U.S. Army Airborne Normandy 1944 "60th Anniversary of the
Normandy Campaign" ; 117 parts in grey styrene; price about $8.95
Kit No. 6235, U.S. Rangers Normandy 1944 "60th Anniversary of the Normandy
Campaign" Series; 126 parts in grey styrene; price about $8.95
Kit No. 6236, U.S. Infantry 2nd Armored Division Normandy 1944 "60th
Anniversary of the Normandy Campaign" Series; 135 parts in grey styrene; price
about $8.95
Kit No. 6237, U.S. Army Anti-Tank Team "60th Anniversary of the Normandy
Campaign" Series; 147 parts in grey styrene; price about $8.95
Kit No. 6211, U.S. 29th Infantry Division Omaha Beach D-Day 1944; 151 parts in
grey styrene; price about $8.95
Advantages: 60th Anniversary kits all come with new sprue of 48 parts as
accessories; 29th ID kit has great poses for diorama artists
Disadvantages: not British; will not yet assemble and paint themselves (!)
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all D-Day and US WWII fans
Dragon has a nice idea that they have been using this year ? obviously tied
into marketing related to the 60th Anniversary of the D-Day landings and the
battle for Normandy ? to re-release some older kits that have been off the
market with new parts and at reasonable prices. The 29th ID kit is new and is
another of the latest kits from DML with six figures per box vice four.
The "60th Anniversary" kits are old friends ? the Airborne kit came out as
#6010 in 1994, the Rangers as #6021 also in 1994, the 2nd Armored figures in
1999 as #6120, and the antitank teams as #6149 in 2001. All are great sets and
set the standards that DML has maintained in this area for over a decade. The
main difference with these kits is a new sprue of 48 parts that adds a lot of
accessories and flexibility to the kits, and literally enhances them and their
The new sprue ? dubbed "M-35Figure-C" ? provides the following parts: four
new heads, all complete and all bare; four new helmets, one with mesh and one
with mesh and scrim attached; two German-style "teller" mines; two pistol
holsters; four bayonets; two WWI type (fixed) and two WWII type (folding)
entrenching tools; two M1A1 "airborne" folding stock carbines; an M1 bazooka
with two rounds and a carry sack for three; a BAR with choice of bipods and
handles; three M1 rifles (one regular, one with bayonet, one with grenade
launcher and grenade); two Thompson submachine guns, and one twin and two
single barrel cases. For good measure, two sections of logs are also provided
as props.
The totally new 29th ID set contains six figures in assault poses ? one
prone, three kneeling or crouching, and two running. All come in the correct
leggin and shoe dress, however, none is wearing the US beach assault vest
created for D-Day. One is still wearing his chest life preserver, however! They
all come with the usual kit ? canteen, bayonet, butt pack, ammo pouches, and
small arms (two carbines, two BARs, and four M1s). The poses will really be
popular as they are very well animated and far from the usual static figure
Overall, these are very nice sets and are sure to be very popular in this
anniversary year of D-Day. The only grouses I have heard so far are "why aren't
the Brits receiving the same level of treatment?" (from British modelers!) and
complaints from the extremely lazy that for all of the great value and detail,
why can't they put themselves together and paint themselves as well!
Just goes to show you can't please everyone.
Thanks to Freddie Leung of DML for the review samples.
Cookie Sewell
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