ARM: Review - Maquette 1/35 Standard Russian Artillery Limber

Kit Review: Maquette 1/35 Scale Kit No. MQ-35009; Russian Gun Limber; 32 parts
(30 in grey styrene, 2 in green styrene); price $6.98
Advantages: Molds have been cleaned up since first released and parts are now
recognizable; handy, standardized limber can be used for a number of different
guns or objects
Disadvantages: still a rough kit and a rough build
Rating: Recommended
Recommendation: for WWII Soviet softskin and artillery fans
Some time ago Maquette released a "limited production" kit of a ZIS-2 57mm
antitank gun, one of the longest-serving weapons from the Soviet era and one
still occasionally encountered today. But this "kit" was only a Zvezda-produced
Italeri ZIS-3 gun with a new sprue of parts that included a new gun shield, new
barrel and a limber. But the sprue of new parts was poorly done ? one wag
estimating that it took a good 15 minutes to cut the molds ? and was
literally a sheet of flash with some bumps in it.
Maquette has quietly gone back and cleaned up the molds for the limber, and
now released it as a separate kit. This is the "Universal Limber Model 1942"
that was used with all Soviet light artillery weapons ? 45mm and 57mm AT
guns, 76mm regimental howitzers, and all light support systems requiring either
horse or motorized drayage. It was little more than a hollow box on wheels with
a draw bar and tow hook, topped off with a flat bench seat for two. Inside the
limber was adjusted by "trays" for the specific artillery system being
supported; these carried the specific types of ammunition needed.
This is the same sprue from the ZIS-2 kit so it comes with the 57mm barrel to
replace the ZIS-3 barrel (they are identical for the most part other than the
barrel, which is why the 57mm could pack such a wallop as it used virtually the
same propellant charge as the 76mm divisional gun) and the new gun shield for
that weapon. There are none of the bits needed for harnessing horses to this
kit, but most modelers who want to do so will have done the research and have
something in mind for use. Wheels are again clones of the old Italeri ZIS-3 kit
wheels (all of them literally came from the GAZ-AA series trucks, as the
Soviets decided early on to standardize to simply tire and wheel supply lines.)
No markings or painting instructions are included, but like all wartime
vehicles and guns these limbers were overall Soviet Army protective green
Overall it's nice to see the molds cleaned up for this kit.
Cookie Sewell
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