Bilek/DML/Dragon MiG-17G

I just bought a copy of the Bilek Mig 17F in 1/72 scale which turned out to be the same kit as the DML/Dragon offering. It's a nice model although one could probably nitpick at a few points about accuracy. The only real problem with it, that I have spotted so far is that the kit has the antenna wires moulded as raised lines to the inside of the cockpit canopy and the lines are a bit over-scale.

Does anybody have any experience with how to paint these things? Alternatively,does anybody know of an aftermarket canopy for this kit?

Cheers R

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I'd let them as they are. That's probably closer to prototype.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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Seems like a silly place to put an antenna. But, it's a great place to put explosive charges to shatter the canopy during an ejection.

When you want to get out of an airplane, you want out NOW and milli-seconds count. Getting the whole canopy out of the way takes to long. Modern ejection systems use explosive cord to crack the canopy and the seat & pilot go right through it.

But the MiG-17 is a pretty old bird, Anyone know for sure what those lines are?

Greg Reynolds, IPMS

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MiG-15 were known for fogging the canopy badly with fast altitude changes. Defrost grid to fix that in the 17,IIRC

** mike **
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