Trumpeter 1/32 scale early MiG-21

I've been looking at the MiG-21 F-13 kit since it was released and I finally
bought one yesterday. A quick look at the instructions raised a question,
though. Does anyone know when the Soviets went to the medium blue-green
cockpit color? The Trumpeter 1/48 scale MiG-15 kit says to paint the cockpit
"blue" but I'm almost positive that is wrong because I've been in the cockpit
of an unrestored Korean War MiG-15 (quite some time ago) and am almost positive
it was a medium-light gray. I also seem to remember (though not as certain)
that the early MiG-21s were also the same gray color. Is my memory faulty or
is Trumpeter mistaken in calling out "pearl blue" as the correct color for the
early MiG-21s?
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Thank you for responding to my question on the color of MiG interiors, Meindert.
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