1/48 B-29 Question

read the review for the rerelease at cybermodel....when I last built it I built it wheels up and it was very apparent that it was not designed to be built that way.

the bomb bay doors and the wheel well doors did not fit flush at all.

anyone know if this rerelease has those pieces redesigned so they will fit either wheels up or down?

its not really a table top kit and my old one is hanging in the garage so you can't see all the gaps where the doors don't fit..

thx - Craig

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I've still got the original edition unbuilt like I bet a lot of people do. I doubt Revell AG would redesign this kit at this point. You could build it in landing configuration and hang it vertically on the wall. hth

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I have a couple decal sheets for Korean War B-29s that I'm considering doing after talking to some of the veteran crews recently at a reunion.

Does anyone know if all/most Korean War vintage B-29s were fitted with the Curtiss props (as in the Monogram kit) or did they still have the Hamilton Standard props?


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Craig, from what I could see when doing the review, the only changes to the kit were the boxart, decals and the addition of the Hamilton Standard props. I've never build mine as I haven't reinforced the ceiling joists to hold it up, and it appears identical to this new release save the above and that the atomic bombs are now molded in the same color as the rest of the kit. That's about it...

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