Filling Seams of Glow in the Dark Kits Question

anyone who has built this early USS Enterprise kit knows most of the pieces don't fit all that well.

Ideas how to fill in the seams and still have the glow in the dark effect without white splotches everywhere?

the kit would not be painted so I'm not sure how a modeler deals with this problem with glow in the dark plastic.

thx - Craig

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Total Guess on my part - but may be worth an experiment.

Modelers who built and modified Historex Plastic Figures made a mixture of extra plastic sprue or parts in tenax or other thin plastic weld. They would drop the plastic in a partially filled jar of the liquid and let it melt, adding plastic or more weld to get the proper consistency. The stuff was applied with a brush, a separate bottle of weld was used to keep the brush clean and provide further thinning as required.

Once the seam is filled - fine sanding - maybe even the toothpaste route would restore a smooth seam and surface.

Unfortunately the seam may still have a different glow in the dark look to it, since the basic plastic structure has been changed.

Val Kraut

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Val Kraut

How about standard puttying them touch up the puttied areas with GITD paint?

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How about superglue? Dribble into cracks and sand?

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frank crystal cement?

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that's exactly what I was thinking - we called this "liquid plastic" back in the day.

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Pauli G

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