2 1/32 Bearcat Questions

Instruction section #3 - Just what am I building in this section ??
What's with the orange/yellow interior for certain areas and interior
green for others? I've never built post war planes - never heard of
orange/yellow; first called out in #10 of the instructions.
way too many small pieces. gonna close up all the engine stuff and not
deal with any of it....
thx all - Craig
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Those are the photo etch parts for the seat belts. Certainly not very well explained and you never really get locations for the finished belts. Check step 5 for them already in place
Wow! I never even noticed that one. I guess I should pay more attention. I have no idea why that color shold be used there; I would have thought Interior Green again. Hopefully someone will come up with an explanation.
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You will have lots of left over parts anyway, butmake sure you use enough to get the engine alingment right. Be careful of the tail wheel also - it's delicate!
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