I Did "finish" 5 models the past 2 days...

Not counting the year or so they sat partially built on the shelf, but
finally they are put together.
Now painting them is another issue. That will probably never happen,
but at least I don't have to worry about losing any pieces over time.
I'm finding it easier to deal with the hobby by deciding that just the
building of the kit may be enough for me. People spend a fortune on a
nice dinner, and then in an hour or so, it and your money are gone.
While spending a small fortune on kits, the "pleasure" of being able
to still figure out the instructions, etc, finding a harmless
diversion from life's hassles may be enough. I seriously doubt I'll
ever build the gazillion diorama plans I have, or finish a kit with
paint and decals. The stash will most likely end up as cannon
fodder for the old trusty Crosman bb rifle.
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I found a different way. I bought a Brewster B-239 Buffalo, a Fokker D XXI, and a Messerschmitt Bf109, Curtis P-36, and a Fiat G-50.
I didn't build anything but I now have 5 "Finish"ed aircraft kits (:>
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Count DeMoney
I sorta have the same issue:why get the painting part involved,just build it.on some models masking will take on a whole new meaning.i.e.,you'll find one way,or the other to NOT get paint on certain areas.
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my problem is starting kits, putting them away and starting another. i probably have 20 started. i do get back and do more work, then it goes away again. whuzzamatta me?
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skrev i en meddelelse news: snipped-for-privacy@t69g2000cwt.googlegroups.com...
With every risk of being banned from the group forever, here are some comments.
You are way ahead of me ;-)
Just wait until the kids want to play with the models.
Yes, and you have a nice diner with friends/loved ones, to remember in years to come.
Welcome to the club!
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Uffe Bærentsen
yeah, know that one.
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Heh, you should see my 'cripples' section. I really should finish some of these just to sell them but I don't find monetary reward all that motivating. I got to 'wanna' build it and so far the wanna just hasn't materialised.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Seems like sanding/prepping the things has more motivation than painting,weird.
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