TSR-2: Gloss or satin finish?

Finally got around to building one of my 1/72 Airfix TSR-2s. This one
is "from the box" and in prototype white (next one will be a what-if
wrap around scheme like the Vulcans ended up in).
Currently decalling it so it's glossy, but should the final coat be
gloss or satin? The pictures I have are inconclusive, and in this scale
which would you recommend?
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Eddie Bermuda
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I imagine the actual aircraft was quite glossy but at 1/72 scale I personally think satin would be more appropriate.
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Nigel Heather
"Nigel Heather the-heathers.co.uk>" I imagine the actual aircraft was quite glossy but at 1/72 scale I
Well last Thursday I was standing next to the one in the RAF museum at Cosford and it looked pretty matt and scruffy ( but big and chunky and seriously impressive)
Cheers, David
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David Williams
Anti-flash white is a glossy finish, but at 1/72nd a high gloss finish is going to look wrong for anything other than a concours automobile. I'd take the edge off the gloss by adding some satin - you should get a faint highlight rather than a brilliant reflection. None of my TSR-2 pictures show any kind of highlight, reinforcing the idea that satin is appropriate.
The Cosford machine has been repainted, so it isn't necessarily an accurate guide to the appearance of the original finish.
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Alan Dicey
The Cosford one is in its original finish - it's the Duxford one that was repainted, but they used paint manufactured to the exact specification as the original finish. The Cosford machine is on the satin side of matt - as if you'd buffed a matt finish with a soft cloth. More of a sheen than a shine.
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I used satin and I'm happy with the finish.
The pictures I have of the original look pretty scruffy, and having spent 20 years around development jets they do get worn out pretty quickly: I should imagine the white went off very rapidly!
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Eddie Bermuda

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