TSR-2 planned loadouts

Inspired by the news of the Airfix release next year, I have had a look
through my references; Derek Wood - Project Cancelled and Barrie Hygate
- British Experimental Jet Aircraft (anyone got the Tony Buttler bombers
book? What does it have on TSR-2?)
Projected loads are given for four underwing pylons and the internal
bomb bay.
Nuclear strike loads consist of two underwing tanks and either one or
two tactical weapons in the bomb-bay, or a bomb-bay tank and two
underwing weapons.
Conventional strike shows up to six x 1000lb bombs in the bomb-bay and a
1000lb bomb or a rocket pack on each pylon. A final alternative was a
bomb-bay tank and four AS-30 ASGW under the wings.
Another fuel option was a 1000 gallon ventral tank, drawn as fitting
conformally under the fuselage, and obviously jettisonable. This was to
give a long loiter time on airborne alert.
Other proposals from BAC included one or two Blue Water stand-off
missiles or a belly-mounted, solid rocket propelled son-of-Blue-Steel
called Grand Slam.
There was also to be a reconnaisance pallet.
None of the magazine articles I have:
- Fly Past May/June 1981 (Issue No. 1) - Jeff Daniels
- Aeroplane Monthly April and May 1982 - Roland Beamont
- Scale Models International Feb 1985 - Barrie Hygate
- has any more information on weapons carriage. If anybody has the
March 1985 SMI, it was supposed to carry a more detailed description,
but I have a feeling the article never appeared.
The Contrail vacform instructions are backed with some black-and-white
photos, including cockpit photos that I haven't seen anywhere else.
Obviously these are of the prototype, and the observers panel is
practically blank.
I think I have a reprint of an ex-BAC TSR-2 "sales brochure" document at
work (formerly secret but now declassified), so I'll see if there is
anything more in there.
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If you assume it lasted into the 90s or even to today - you can add some interesting stuff like laser designators, LGBs, Storn Shadow, Raptor pod, etc
David Womby
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"A Crisis in Procurement: A Case Study of the TSR-2", by Williams, Gregory & Simpson, published by the Royal United Services Institution in 1969 says that the TSR-2 may have carried Nord AS.30 missiles, but the Matra AS.37 Martel missile was being developed for it (and the Mirage IV). Also it could drop normal or retarded nuclear weapons. Good thing Belcher Bits do a set with some WE177 bombs in 1:72. It also mentions thought had been given to arming it with air to air missiles as a patrol fighter, but at a much later date.
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