Late-war P-47N loadouts

Anybody care to enlighten me what the most likely "things under wings" are
for P-47N "2 Big and 2 Heavy" at le Shima in 1945? The Academy 1/48th kit
offers a lot of choices -- bombs, several different tanks, rockets and
"bazooka" tubes, and I don't really have a clue what's appropriate. How much
could these big beasts carry at once?
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Don't know the serial number of "2 Big and 2 Heavy" but P-47N-5-REs and later came with factory installed rocket stubs. P-47N-1-REs were upgraded in the field with the stubs and became -2s. The bazooka tubes were never carried by Ns. If the kit has the cylindrical type tanks these would also be inappropriate for the Pacific. These were made of paper in the U.K. Ns seemed to be able to haul just about anything else into the air. Ten rockets, two of the big teardrop tanks and a centerline bomb or small tank would be possible. Curt
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