Academy P-47N

The Academy P-47N comes in two versions - 'regular' and 'special'. What
is the difference?
P.S. Why all the P-47 questions? Well to state the obvious, I'm making
the models. (duh) The reason behind the reason is that my father was
supply officer for the 73rd F.S. until he was promoted to supply
officer for the Group (318th). If you are making a relevant model from
that group, and the shade of the paint dosen't come out quite right,
you have my blessing to go ahead and not worry. I doubt that people who
worried about shuch things got much sympathy. Like nose art from the
19th says "Not In Stock". 'Yellow is yellow and blue is blue - make
do.' Trust me, we heard that kind of thing at home constantly.
The only stories he told were very few and very minimized. The
semi-official web pages tell much more. He didn't take/keep many
pictures. I have some, in many different sizes, so I'm guessing they
were from different rolls of film. Either some of the rest are in a
batch which I have yet to scan, or he trew away a -bunch-. Probably
I do have a scan of the bar of the Barflies (73rd), though, though it
might be the "PX". Anyway, there is the squadron insignia above a
display of liquor, cigarettes, and peanuts behind a counter. I'll post
it to this newsgroup.
P.S. someone is 'spoofing' this address in connection with eBay. There
is not and never has been an eBay account uinder Chezelwig.
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This is a text-only newsgroup. Please post pics to alt.binaries.models.scale.
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Al Superczynski
If it's any consolation, I get several messages every day about my E-Bay, PayPal and HSBC accounts. They are all going to be shut down if I don't confirm my details straight away. I might worry about this if I had any such accounts but I don't. I imagine it's a pretty common thing.
Gordon McLaughlin
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Gordon McLaughlin
Different decals: 463FS 507FG "Expected Goose" 333FS 318FG "8 Ball" & "2 Big and Too Heavy/Short Snorter""
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Almost all of those warnings are pfishing spoofs, trying to get you to enter credit card info, eBay or PayPal passwords, and other personal info. do not do any of them. Do not even open the link. If you are at all suspicious, contact eBay, PayPal or whichever institution is concerned yourself and confirm the need for such info. About 99.99% of the time, it's some lowlife on a pfishing expedition
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Bill Woodier
"Bill Woodier" wrote
I just immediately forward them to, spoof@paypal,com or whatever. They at least have an interest in tracking down and prosecuting, so the more examples the better.
And how 'bout making the launching of an internet virus a capital crime?
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Kurt Laughlin

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