BAC TSR.2 Question

A scrapped TSR.2.
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Bill Shatzer
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I just read the review in the September FSM and it raised a question.
If the three built were serialled XR219, XR220 and XR222 what was XR221?
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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The review in FSM also raises another question, at least for me. I thought all TSR kits were on a mandatory recall because of licensing issues, and fines levied for those who didn't comply. Was that all sorted out or what?
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No, I think that rumor fell under the modeling urban myth category. There was no licensing problems relating to the TSR.2 once Airfix produced the kit. Mike
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Mike J. Idacavage
More likely an April Fool's joke.
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Enzo Matrix
I thought it was allocated as a static test airframe?
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Alan Dicey

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