Three models in three days

I've just built three models in three days! :-D
But I have to admit, it was a special case.
My airbrush has been unserviceable for a couple of weeks. The air valve
assembly that I needed finally arrived on Thursday, so I was good to go. In
order to get me back into the swing of things, I thought I would do a number
of quick builds. The three kits were the new Airfix Sea Fury and the Hobby
Boss F4U-4 and F6F-5, all in 1/72. They are all exceedingly simple kits.
I built them as a connected "what if?" project.
Part 1. What if... Hawker had started development of the Sea Fury eighteen
months earlier? In that case, the Sea Fury would have been in FAA service
before the end of the war. I built the Airfix Sea Fury as JT634 13-7/P of
1834 NAS aboard HMS Victorious in 1945. Disruptive pattern uppersurfaces
with British Pacific Fleet insignia. You may notice that JT634 was actually
a Corsair II, but in this timeline, the FAA didn't need as many lend-lease
American aircraft. The Airfix kit is quite basic but still quite nice for
all that. It reminds me of late-70s vintage kits. If it had actually been
released then, it would have been a stunner.
Part 2. What if... Hawker had abandoned development of the Sea Fury to
concentrate on the Sea Hawk? In that case, the FAA would have needed to
keep their US aircraft long after the second world war had finished. I
built the Hobby Boss F6F-5 as a Hellcat II of the RNVR in 1948. It is in
uppersurface Extra Dark Sea Grey and lowersurface Sky, with a low
demarcation line. The markings are taken directly from one option in the
Airfix Sea Fury kit. The F4U-4 uses the other Sea Fury marking option. It
is built as a Corsair V of 802 NAS aboard HMS Ocean operating off Korea in
1952. The FAA never used the F4U-4 version, but in this timeline they did,
because there was nothing else available. The Corsair really looks the part
in FAA colours with invasion stripes.
So... I'll admit that these aren't the most detailed models. They are
little more than fancy paint dummies. But I had a lot of fun building them
and now that I have recharged my batteries I'm all set to jump right back in
at the deep end! :-D
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