Tamiya PAK 37 - Some Questions

Building a Tamiya PAK 37 and have a simple question and another just out of curiosity.

Q1 - I think I know the answer but need to check. The two closed ammunition cases have '3.7cm pak' written on the top of the lids. I assume that this is just something used to identify the kit and not true to the real thing. I guess I need to sound these off for accuracy. Am I correct.

Q2 - About the 'Stick Bomb'. The implies says that this was inserted into the end of the barrel and a normal shell was loaded into the breech. The impact of the shell hitting the rocket caused it to fire. Doesn't sound right to me. Is this correct or just a problem with the Engrish.



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Nigel Heather
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Nigel wrote

According to Peter Chamberlain and Terry Gander (Anti-Tank Weapons, 1974) the grenade was fired using a standard cartridge case containing 216 grams of nitrocellulose. I figure that means no shell, so they're effectively launching it with a blank. I wonder if the instruction writers have seen a picture in which the cartridge casing is clearly visible, but not the absence of shell ?

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Rik Shepherd

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