[eBay-US only] Anatomy of the Ships books, 1/35 armor kits

I have the following on eBay on 5 day auctions:
Anatomy of the Ship: Yamato
Anatomy of the Ship: Warspite
Anatomy of the Ship: Dreadnought
Anatomy of the Ship: Hood
MMiR Guide to the 1/35th Scale Universe
Kits and Decals:
Tamiya WW2 German Decal Sheet No. 4 (x 2 auctions)
Accurate Miniatures TBM-3 and TBF-1C Avenger kits set
Shanghai Dragon M4A3 HVSS POA-CWS-H5 Flamethrower Tank/Korean War
Tamiya T-62A/Type 74 set
Tamiya M41 Walker Bulldog and Schutzenpanzer Marder set
Tamiya M3 Grant and Wirbelwind set
Tamiya KV-I and KV-II set
ProModeler 1/72 Me-262A and Fw190A-8 set
Maquette PzBfWg 38(t)
Tamiya 25pdr and Quad Gun Tractor
The Anatomy of the Ship books (brand-new) start at $19.99, the decal sheets
at $4.99, and all kits and kit sets at $9.99.
Shipping is via US Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation charged at cost
and calculated via eBay's built-in postage calculator.
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Thank you,
Hyun Yu
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