Graf Zeppelin problem

I'm trying to build the Revell (Germany) Graf Zeppelin kit, and have a
problem somewhere. The problem comes with the Z struts that hold the
engine nacelles.
The plans show the struts coming out from the envelope parallel - that
is, both front and rear strut perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of
the aircraft. However, the holes in the envelope are much further apart
than the ones in the nacelles. In fact, the distance fore and aft
between the holes is longer than the entire nacelle. Either the struts
must angle together, or the holes must be molded into envelope wrong.
Anybody know which? That is, do the Z struts (I'd call them N struts if
they were between wings) angle together or should they be perpendicular
to axis?
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Don Stauffer
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seems to show a set of struts growing out of the top of the engine pod.
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is of the Hindenburg, but seems to show one v-shaped set coming out of the top of the pod, angling inwards, and perhaps another set coming out almost horizontally.
Steve H
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