Hasegawa 8 Ton Half track 1:72 Scale

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This was my first armour attempt. I'm sure I have made some blunders as far
as historical accuracy goes, and I'll be happy to hear your thoughts on it.
Howbeit, I am happy with the result and it was a lot of fun to build.
I had some problems with joining the tracks, any other areas of improvement?
I'm sure you can help.
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Nice work. Hope that you stay with it. Small scale vehicle kits are legion, well over 4000 in the MAI database.
Especially like your weathering. I lived on a ranch for several years and most of the well used vehicles looked just like that.
You might want to add thin clear plastic for the windshield and eliminate the huge hinges, using photos to scratch build a more accurate look.
I have built scores of model aircraft for contests and clients and just for me. The only first places that I ever netted at the Nats were the only two vehicles that I ever did.
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Looks nice...
Try drilling holes on gun barrels... Perhaps using the metal mesh on the fence... Base color should be red...
I like the weathering. It's done very nicely...
The truth is that those tracks sucks (I have one of those Hasegawa's FAMO - still unfinished), but soon Revell should launch a gem of its own...
Advice: keep up the good work...
Ciao di
Tomislav Martan 9A4Tc
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(On-line at last...)
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Duke Nukem
thanks guys, greatly appreciated
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