Honda SL-70 motorcycle kits?

Never had owned/ridden a bike, but they were my first childhood
fascination with engines. Got my dad to take me down to the Honda dealer
on weekends. He knew I wasn't gonna get a bike, and I didn't really
figure that out till later, but it was great to sit on those big
bikes when you are 10.
Anyway, I think Tamiya makes the first edition of the CB750-4 in 1/6
scale, but I just loved that SL-70. Honda also made a smaller bike,
scooter like almost, with a formed sheet metal frame, for lack of a
better description. had small fat tires. Think it was called
a DAX Export 70.
I think Tamiya may have made a kit of this but have not found it. Seems
most places sell the fast racing type bikes.
I just want to relive my childhood in styrene form.
Help me out guys....
thx - Craig
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Tamiya had 16002 1/6 Honda Dax Export ST 70. The kit also includes decals for the ST 90. The kit is out of production and the last time it was re-issued was back in '94 or '95. Occasionally appears on eBay. Europeans are usually willing to bid considerably higher than North Americans.
I seem to recall hearing about a 1/12 kit. Not sure though. If so, it seems like a subject IMAI, no longer in business, or Aoshima would do.
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Ken Hartlen

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