Is there any way to "die" plastic a different color?

I'm doing some kit-bashing and have several parts that need to be a different color. I don't want to paint them because the paint will wear off in places. Is there a way to "DIE" the plastic a different color? Some of these pieces are white if that matters.

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It's already dead. Unless you mean DYE as in a different color. Then the answer is no. You will have to paint it, unless you want to melt and remold it.

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If indeed he does mean dye it, RIT dye will work to tint it at least.

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You might want to look into some of these products. For what it's worth, I used a similar product to dye some white PVC pipe on the outside of my house black about 10 years ago, and it still looks as black as the day I sprayed it. (It looks like cast-iron pipe instead of PVC pipe.)

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