Kind of OT: gluing ceramics

I've got a ceramic spoon holder that has a corner broken off of it. I've
already glued back togeather once with some CA that I have. But not too
long ago I dropped one of those butane stove/candle lighters right on the
glued spot and it broke once again. Anyway (other then NOT dropping stuff
on it) to improve the hold and keep it from breaking again???
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No glue expert here, as this post will show, but:
I wish to heck I knew how to make CA work. I have never been able to glue anything together with super glue except my fingers.
The only glue that I can find that is worth a darn is epoxy. I would consider using a clear epoxy.
Superglue has no sheer strength which is why it probably broke off so cleanly and easily.
Digital_Cowboy wrote:
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old hoodoo
You have inadvertently discovered a positive aspect of "super glue". It has very little "sheer strength". That makes it ideal for gluing delicate parts on models; since if there is going to be potential breakage, you hopefully will be lucky, and have the breakage on the bond, instead of the part.
For your spoon holder, try a good epoxy.
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Greg Heilers
I'd suggest getting some Borden's Carpenter's Glue. It's yellow and thicker than Elmer's and boy, does it hold. I've glued wood to resin with that stuff and it won't come apart.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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And Greg Heilers opened up and revealed to the world news:JgY3e.2595$
I can see where that would/could be a good thing.
A one or two part epoxy?
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AFAIK there's no such thing as the former.
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Al Superczynski
There isn't, epoxies by definition are two or more parts and cure by catalytic reaction.
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White superfine Milliput is designed for repairing ceramics and porcelain
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And "Kevin(Bluey)" opened up and revealed to the world news:
Thanks, I'll look for it at the hardware store the next time I'm there.
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