Large Plastic Weld - UK?

Hi does anyone know if I can buy large (bigger than the normal 57ml) bottles of Plastic Weld, pref in the UK ?

Thanks Keith

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Keith Lanham
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Sorry no I don't but I have a quick question, do people that use PW use it as a second line of glue? i.e. use it on joints after using CA. I've found that its pretty damn useless unless I use it in this way, then it is brilliant at making a very strong seam. Just wondering like...


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I don't know how other people use it, but I use it as a "first line" glue, holding the parts together and then applying the glue, letting capillary action do the work (usually from the inside of whatever, when possible). I don't use CA very often (It's usually "gone off" before I use it !)


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Keith Lanham

Hi Keith, If you can find a plastic supplier ask for Methylene Chloride. This is the same stuff as most of the favored liquid model cements. I bought a pint bottle here in Chicago for 8 bucks and got enough to fill at least a dozen Tenax sized bottles. Cheers, Max Bryant

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Max Bryant

The stuff is marketed by EMA Plastruct down at Shepperton, try contacting them and see if they will supply you.

Phone: 01932.228228 Fax: 01932.253766 e-mail:

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Am Sun, 28 Mar 2004 22:51:19 +0200 schrieb "Lasse Hillerøe Petersen":

PLEASE don't confound Methylen Chloride and Methyl Ethyl Keton. Methylene Cloride (and btw. Chloroform and Tetrachlormethan too) are very well glues for polystyrol based plastic (PS, ABS, et al.), MEK itoh isn't that good suited.

But all these solvents have in common: They are not very good for your health - so be VERY careful when using _any_ of these solvents.

cu, ZiLi aka HKZL (Heinrich Zinndorf-Linker)

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