liquid masks?

Pros, cons, particular brands? I have bottles of Ambroid EZ Mask,
Microscale, Parma International and a latex/ammonia based liquid frisket
from Hobby Lobby. The ammonia-based one I've had problems with over
acrylic for what are now obvious reasons. The others I haven't tried yet.
I did a quick overnight test with the Ambroid for peelability, and it
wasn't too bad, but it was hard to get off all in on piece; there were
still minute traces left that I had to pick off. I'm starting to delve
into figures, and masking with tape isn't going to get it done, and the
liquids, as far as my experiments show, could be a nightmare getting out
of all the little crooks and nannies. Anyone have any suggestions? And,
no, I can't just hand paint--I don't have steady enough grabbers (the old
saying about dogs and peach pits?).
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Mr. Masking Sol applied in several coats works for me on some ship details. A single coat does not peel well but 2-4 coats flicks right off with no problem. Silly Putty is also an option.
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Ron Smith
My experience using Silly Putty is that it leaves an oily residue that causes paint to "bead up" if applied over the area previously masked with Silly Putty. I've found that the wall tack putty used for attaching small photos etc. to a wall works just as good as Silly Putty but doesn't leave the oily residue. I can't recall the exact name of the tack putty I have, but it is readily available at WalMart and other stores.
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The Collector
The original pink Silly Putty is less prone to the residue than the newer brightly colored ones. I use it for Ms12mod on ships all the time with no problems.
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