Lots & lots of duplicate emails from eBay?

Since last night I've gotten a lot of duplicate emails from eBay &
keep getting them. They're from eBay alright, they're confirmations,
invoices, favorite searches & the like. Nearly 150 since last night.
Anybody else getting repeat emails? I don't think it's my ISP since
they have different sent times on them.
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Not sure if this is relevant or not but I received e-mails from both e-bay and pay pal saying my accts have been frozzen due to suspicious activity pleas follow these links to confirm acct info ............ yeah like I really would
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I get them as well. Just forward them to snipped-for-privacy@ebay.com and let they handle the problem. That being said, about a year ago, I got one, forwarded it and eBay said it was genuine. Something about what shape was the digital camera in that I was selling. I wasn't selling one, yet on eBay under my signin name, was a honey of a digital camera, for $300 or buy it now for $500. When I tried to access my account, I couldn't because my password had been changed. I had to do a ~lot~ of fast stepping to correct that situation, let me tell you. I think that the problem came from a work computer that I forgot to purge when I retired and a newby at my office decided to get "cute" at my expense. Oh well, problem's fixed now and the office moved, and they purged all the computers or personal documents before they unhooked them and moved them anyway. Funny, that was the only thing that I had on the computer; everything else was on 3.5" floppies that I could bring home and review.
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The Old Man
Nice. I never got my February invoice but they have the time to send multiples for you. I really wish they would tighten up their ship.
I'm not looking forward to using this new form for listing sales they're jamming down our throats. I tried it and the first time took 2 hours and I still didn't get anything listed. I went back the next evening and finally got one item listed after some extensive cursing. I have since used the 'old form'. I hope there's a special place in Hell for techies who dream up complicated crap like this.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
I talked to eBay on the phone yesterday. They said it wasn't them & had to be my ISP. Their email's down this morning so maybe it was them. If not, I need to contact them. I went thru the same thing with their new form, but once I got the hang of it, I like it.
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