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About Us is the leading supplier of CCTV Systems and CCTV Cameras to the UK`s domestic and commercial market. We have the largest
variety of CCTV Systems and products to cater all types of modern CCTV requirements. Being an e-commerce company and having a London based warehouse puts us far ahead of our competitors logistically and economically, hence we are able to keep our cost to the minimal and our prices very competitive unlike most traditional suppliers with fancy showrooms.
Our ultimate goal is your complete peace of mind and we are always keen to work with our customers. We also provide CCTV installation services nation-wide. For more information on supply and installation of CCTV Systems, please contact our friendly sales staff who will take you through the whole process of boosting up your security and recommending the best possible solution for your needs. and is a UKeHUB Venture.
CCTV Cameras and CCTV Systems
Closed-circuit television or CCTV is permissible in public areas including shopping malls, homes and businesses throughout the UK. CCTV cameras have become more advanced in recent years. Here at UKCCTV, we offer a complete CCTV camera system keeping in view the importance of security required to protect your home or business. UKCCTV will advise you the best possible solution for your scenario. Our years of experience in CCTV ensure that we cover all the aspects of modern CCTV Systems which include powerful Night Vision Cameras, Dome Cameras, PTZ Camera Systems as well as IP CCTV Systems. Our fantastic product range of CCTV Systems for home and businesses are affordable and customisable to meet your demanding requirements.
Buying CCTV System can look to be a daunting task at first as not everyone likes getting indulged in the technicalities. We have tried to make your buying experience with us nothing less than bringing you complete satisfaction. There are hundreds of CCTV companies out there with many different products to confuse you, whereas we have kept it very simple by only stocking the highest quality of CCTV Cameras and complete CCTV Systems. We strongly believe that a happy customer is the biggest source of marketing for us as according to us itís not about just selling the goods, itís about being known as the first point of contact for yourselves for all your CCTV requirements.
Our success and proven track record in CCTV Cameras and CCTV Systems is a result of years of team work across all our departments. Our product development team along with the quality assurance department ensures that we only stock highest quality of CCTV products and valuing constant customerís feedback means we never compromise. This has resulted in our partnership with some of the elite CCTV Systems distributors from all around the world.
Night Vision CCTV Security Cameras
Night Vision Cameras have become a very basic need for outdoor surveillance as well as indoors. Night vision cameras have built in infra red LEDs around the lens which come on automatically when it detects low light conditions. Infra red lights glow red once they are on and do not emit any light which is visible to the human eye. Also, you can choose the night vision range you need on a camera for example if you need to cover he front of your house you would usually go with a 30 meters night vision camera. Similarly for an industrial site where you need to cover places like car park and back yard, you can go for a 50 meters or 100 meters night vision cameras. has large variety of Night Vision cameras to choose from and cater for anything between 20 meters to a 100 meters night vision ranged cameras.
Dome CCTV Security Cameras
Dome cameras are generally ceiling mountable cameras for use with suspended ceilings; however some dome cameras can also be wall mountable and come with a bracket. The cameras are housed in a plexi- glass dome which is great for deterrence since it is nearly impossible to detect the direction the camera is pointed at. CCTV Dome Cameras are the hottest trend in the CCTV security industry. CCTV Dome cameras are versatile, unobtrusive and with wider view, are easy to mount vertically anywhere in your home, business, shops or where ever you like. CCTV Dome security cameras are also very economical because they eliminate the need to purchase lenses or mounting brackets. CCTV dome cameras are available almost in all shapes and sizes, and are available in day/night Night Vision (IR) infrared, wide dynamic, weatherproof, and vandal proof models. UKCCTV has a wide variety of Dome CCTV cameras to fit any CCTV security need, home as well as businesses.
Body CCTV Security Cameras
Body cameras are the traditional indoor cameras that are seen in many offices and shops. You can have them both in a fixed lens and a varifocal lens. However, Body Cameras require lens units and brackets that are purchased separately and come in a variety of different sizes and types. We recommend that you speak to our CCTV specialists for a professional advice on selecting the right body camera and lens for your requirements.
Wireless CCTV Security Cameras
We recommend using wireless cameras in places where possibility of using wires is not an option, for instance in scenarios like farms, bird nests. However, wireless cameras have their constraints in terms of being dearer than the wired cameras. Also in order to get a clear uninterrupted picture you need to have a clear line of sight between the transmitter and receiver (you can achieve that by using external aerials). Itís always better to speak to a wireless system specialist to seek professional advice as installation of wireless can be a little tricky at times.
PTZ CCTV Security Cameras
PTZ cameras can be moved in all directions. Besides, you can zoom-in and zoom-out on distant objects. Most PTZ Cameras can rotate 360 degrees and have zooming options like 18 X optical or 22 X optical. They are ideal to use in places where a large area needs covering and you have the facility to move the camera either via the DVR or by installing a joystick controller. PTZ systems can also be controlled via remote surveillance through the DVR software.
Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are the modern way of recording CCTV footage on to a built in hard drive. It looks pretty similar to your normal DVD player except it is considered to be the main brain behind a CCTV System. It supports many other features like motion detection on cameras, USB ports, DVD writing and connection to the Internet through the Internet router.
CCTV Lenses
Looking for a good lens that goes with your camera type and gives you the picture detail you like. Selection of a good lens is critical and investing a little time to understand the concept is always helpful and makes the buying even easier. Mostly used in Body Cameras, we highly recommend speaking to a CCTV specialist before making a purchase for the Lenses of your cameras.
CCTV Connectors
Check out our complete range of connectors: BNC Crimp on Connector, BNC Twist On Connector, BNC T Connector, BNC Female to RCA Female Connector, RCA Male Adaptor To BNC Female Converter, BNC to RCA / Phono Converter, RCA etc.
CCTV Cables
CCTV systems need RCA and coaxial cables. To save on expensive installation charges, we have made 5, 10, 20 and 40 meters pre-made cables. Since we help you out in selecting the cables, at least you need not to worry whether you got the right cables. We also stock 100 / 250 meters cable rolls where you can cut and make your own cable lengths and put the BNC and DC connectors at the end.
CCTV Switchers Quads and Multiplexers
Switchers, Quads and Multiplexers are used in scenarios where recording is not required. Switchers are used where you need to install more than one cameras and it gives you the facility to switch in between the cameras and view one at a time. Quads and multiplexers are used where you like to view all the cameras on one screen as well as switching in between to view one camera at a time.
Monitors and LCDís
We have a range of CCTV Monitors and LCDs for CCTV security cameras. They come in both VGA and BNC connections and obviously differ in terms of resolution and price to suit your specific requirements.
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