M-39 Armored Utility Vehicle ????

Greetings to All!
Has anyone out there built a Korean war era M-39? Is there a "straight
from the box kit" available or maybe an M-18 conversion set you'd
recommend? Or if it comes to it, a good reference for a scratchbuilt
M-18 conversion?
I'm normally a ship-builder, armor's a little out of my area, so please
excuse my ignorance. Taking this project on as a special request from
the son of a veteran, so I'd like to do my best.
Thanks for any help/suggestions.
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Nobody makes a full kit of the M39, but Legends makes a resin conversion kit which is a drop fit on the AFV Club M18 chassis. It's not bad and is listed as their kit LF1138.
I reviewed it a couple of months back and it's posted on sites like Missing Lynx.
Cookie Sewell
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Thanks for the info Cookie, that sounds like my best course of action.
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