MiG 23 Trainers?

I was hunting out a review of the new Condor MiG-25 kit the other day, and during the course of a very extensive search, I'm sure I spotted a MiG-23UB two seater 1:72 kit by an East European or maybe Russian brand. The kit boxtop was a painting of an aircraft in light grey finish, with standard red stars.

I've suddenly decided that MiG-23's are quite cool, and a U version would be good company for my Zvezda -23 and -27. Who'd ever have thought we'd see the day when you needed more than one MiG-23 in a collection? Goody for glasnost.

The only trouble is I can't find it again now. Current searches find a 1/48 conversion is available, but that's not it.

Are there any MiG fans out there who know what kit it might be?

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Crown used to put out one in 1/144th. I can't recall one in 1/72nd.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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Mad Modeller

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