Mirage 2000 kit availability?

Hi folks
I've been hunting around for either the Heller or Italeri kits of the
Mirage 2000 in 1/48 scale, but haven't had much luck. Coould you folks
guide me to any online shops that may still be stocking this?
Also I'm really surpirsed that a popular subject such as this hasn't
been reissued or upgraded. I would love to see a 1/32 Mirage 2000 if
any manufacturer is listening out there!
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Both Squadron and Greatmodels show the 2000C Heller kit # 80426 to be in stock. Heller also makes a two seat 2000B and a 2000N from time to time, I don't believe Italeri makes a Mirage 2000 kit but I could be wrong.
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Italeri did a reissue of the Esci 1/48 Mirage 2000C kit. Or, maybe it was the other way around and Esci was the reissue.
Same kit in any event.
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Bill Shatzer
Thanks Thats right I forgot that Italeri has been repoping quite a few of the old ESCI kits, like the Mirage III etc I have a original ESCI 2000 in my stash.
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