mk 16 spitfire

help i would like to model a mk 16 spitfire in 1/48 or 1/32 scale. ann kits or drawing available. the mk 16 spifire im modeling would have e armerment and full eliptical wing. and a bubble top. i try to model it as the aircraft of A.C.M. sir James M. Rob this plae was painted raf azure blueover all, with 5 white stars on a red banner. any help woould be usefull. please send respond to

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Right now you'll have to do a lot of scratchin a Mk XVI in 1:32 scale, there's a lot of High back versions, all with short nose as in before the Mk VIII/IX , and one bubbletop Mk 22/24 from Matchbox supposedly to be released by AMT later again this year. So no easy way to do it in 1:32, but in 1:48 there might be, but that's not my scale!

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Claus Gustafsen

ICM makes a 1/48 Spit XVI with bubble top, but clipped wings. You could use the wing tips off another Spit kit, maybe ICM's Mk.VIII.

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August Horvath


I have built that Mk.16e kit, it includes the standard wingtips, it just tells you to commit them to the spares bin.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

The MK 16 was externally identical to the MK IX, so any Mk IXe kit will work for your project.

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Jeff C


While AMT released that kit in their boxing after Lesney bought them, Revell AG now owns all the Matchbox molds. I doubt they'd be able to re-issue it unless AMT had the mold stashed prior to the sale. AMT seems to be currently focusing on automotive subjects and having Italeri do the aircraft. hth

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