New Models I want...

I have simple tastes:

1/72 C-124 C-123 C-5 (injection molded) C-17

1/48 B-47 KC-97 KC-135 B737 DC-9-30 C-123 C-7 C-124

1/32 C-47 Waco Glider

I think the mfr should give good detail but keep the kits basic...that is leave the super detail to someone else or engineer the kit to accept a detail set that they sell separately. This will keep the cost down for those who don't know how or want to superdetail. For some kids a big honking model hanging in their room is cool. Just my two cents worth.

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Masterpiece Models will be releasing a 1/35th scale Waco glider soon

bluumule wrote:

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