Olympos HP100C Airbrush Manual?

Hi All,
I'd be grateful if anyone can provide a scanned copy of the assembly manual
for the Olympos HP 100C airbrush?
I never had one when I got the airbrush via Ebay and have been doing fine
until this week when after cleaning and re-assembly the spring does not
close air off and return needle to block nozzle.
Any help much appreciated.
PS. Have treid Olympos web page but it has no english version and the pages
for contacting them direct are not working, infact it shows the html.
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You probably screwed the valve assembly retainer in too far. Try turning it out by a few turns. It is the last cylindrical piece that goes into the air valve housing. Or you've assembled the trigger slider backwards...
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Serge D. Grun
Thanks for the reply Serge and I'll have a go soon, making sure not to screw the retainer too far, but have my old Badger single-action ready as back-up.
Cheers, Stephen
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