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Does anyone know of a site that gives the breakdown of ratios and colors needed to derive other colors? And, if any of the more artistically inclined know how to mix up a basic burgundy, I would greatly appreciate the information. So far, my attempts have been pathetic. As always, thanks much and I hope everyone is having a fantastic Labor Day holiday.


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refer to

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"Modelling - Resin,Photoetch,Scale,Paper, Painting, Fonts, FAQ etc." sub section = "Paints, Colour Charts, Mix Formulae & Strippers"

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It's mainly "trial and error". Keep in mind that most "model paint" colors are not "true" colors. (i.e. a "red" is not a

100% red, as there are other tones in the pigment). So, the more mixing one does, the more "graying" or deviation occurs.

I was surprised to discover, that in mixing most "purple-ish" colors, quite a bit of WHITE is needed....

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Greg Heilers

Take a look at this one

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