Paper/Card Modelling and hardening

G'day all...

I've tried something different with regard to modelling a railway carriage in HO scale... The prototype I'm modelling has sides made up of a compound curve, I've created a clay master of the side which is too thick to use as part of the model but makes a great 'former'. I soaked some fairly heavy card in warm water and vacuum formed it to the shape of the former. Well after leaving the vacuum cleaner on for about five minutes and the wife's hair dryer going ballistic at it at the same time it took the shape! Still a bit too flimsy to use as the side though.

What I'm tossing about now is using a resin such as "Craftsmart Liquid Gloss" and 'painting' it over the side whilst the vacuum cleaner is going. The resin dries in about 20 mins according to the web site. Does anyone actually know if this will make the card retain the shape and become more 'hard' so to speak?

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers and thanks....

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You could saturate it with super glue as well.

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prometheus wrote in news:

Shellac will soak into the cardboard and make a nice hard surface. It drys fast too, is sandable, and makes a good primer. I used this on a telescope tube and got a nice shiny finish.


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Don Wheeler

Yes, this is perfect idea.

Super Glue worlks wery well in this type of application. Make sure to use a fresh batch of the thinnest stuff you can find. It will soak right in and something in the paper (moisture?) makes it harden pretty quick.

But it gives out fumes (keep your room vantilated).

I've used this method many times. Even on items made from several layers of paper.

Using this method, you could use tissue paper and build up several layers easier than starting with thicker cardboard. It will become a fairly strong paper/super glue laminate. You can even sand it!

But it might stick to your clay form. Might need some sort of barrier to prevent super glue from sticking.


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Peter W.

Thought of that. I'll wrap the clay form in Cling Wrap or foil and then vacuum form & Super Glue the sheet.

The foil should come away from the form without issues and if some gets stuck to the back of the card - no problems.

I'll let you guys know how it goes. Will try it out tonight.

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thanks for your advise. Tried all three methods... Resin, Superglue and Shellac and the results were amazing. All three were comparable. Shellac and resin comping up trumps!

Compared to vacuum forming styrene sheet, which came out flimsy. Vacuum forming the card and then coating it resulted in a nice hard, smooth, and easily workable side. Using a leather punch and a sharp hobby knife, producing the windows and door cavities were not a problem. Now all I have to do is dress it up.

Thanks again!

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post some pictures for us.

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I haven't tried this myself, but some card modelers have had success with Minwax Wood Hardner, used to repair things like rotted window sills. It makes paper turn into a "plastic like" material.

Minwax products are found at hardware stores like Home Depot.


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Vess Irvine

Can't post pictures to the NG via google, but I'll upload them to a site.... address to follow once the piccies are ready!


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It is nice to see that sometimes this newsgroup is actually used for something useful - not just OT ramblings or pedophile crossposts!

:-) Peteski

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Peter W.

You forgot the obvious, feed it Viagra...;)

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Ron Smith

I made tonneau covers for 1/25 cars a few times using tissues soaked in dilute white glue.

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FWIW All kinds of applications in dioramas for tissue and white glue, tents, jeep covers, etc, Just use your imagination.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

Yes, and when people disagree here, they beg to differ and have their facts at hand. Refreshing!


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John Smith

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