[Q] Micro Krystal Clear (or similar) question

The one time I used the stuff I thought the windows dried a little
concave. The I read a note somewhere that says leave the last window open
until the others are dry. Doh! Maybe time to try again.
What is the largest opening you would try to fill with this or the
Testors product? Any tips on getting it to set up flat and not concave or
otherwise curved?
This is in regard to some airliners I have. I have the Glencoe (ex-Hawk?)
Viscount and several other that may be better built and painted with this
method. The Viscount has about the largest windows.
Do all F27 windows bulge outward? My Revell F27 windows appear to be
bulged, I wanted to try this method on it, too, but I doubt I can
replicate the bulge.
Any and all thoughts appreciated.
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Gray Ghost
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i use testor's and future. i make the original windows and after 2 days drying, go back with an eyedropper to put a little in concave windows. this levels them out just fine. new coat bonds seamlessly with old. i use it on the biggest frames it will fill. varies model to model. future has a slight edge because it's easier to clear the "shine" from around the frame when dried. looking at cello windows for larger frames. i want to learn to make frames and cover them. looks a bit finicky.
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1/4" or so.
There are a couple of things that will help - turn the model so that the windows are pointed down while curing and thin the edges of the windows from the inside before assembly.
built and painted with this
Krystal Klear worked fine on my Hawk Viscount.
AFAIK all F27 pax windows were flush with the fuselage surface.
You can build up a bulged window with repeated applications of KK.
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Al Superczynski
I've filled larger openings with varying degrees of success. The larger the opening the larger the brush-you want the brush to take up most of the space in the window. hth
The Keeper (of too much crap!)
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amen! brother keeper.
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Al Superczynski wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com:
Good suggestions.
That's good to know.
Kinda resolves the issue, if the bulged windows are incorrect.
Thanks Al
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Gray Ghost
snipped-for-privacy@aol.comedy (Keeper) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@mb-m02.aol.com:
Exactly the kind of info I needed. Thanks
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Gray Ghost

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