Seeking 1/72 or 1/60 model kits

Specifically, WWII Warships.

I'm looking for a source for large-scale kits or parts suppliers for a Northampton-class Heavy Cruiser and a Pennsylvania-class Battleship.

Yes, I know how big they're going to be. I would appreciate any sources or information for kits or parts, or even plans for these very large scale models.


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Nomen Nescio
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I'm after the same sort of thing but for an LST and British ships.

Oren Truitt

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I've only found one so far, that has anything remotely like what I was originally seeking.

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They seem to have a bunch of nice hulls, and in various large-scales.

I also found this page:

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shows the various known hull and kits available, in a nice table.

But I am still having trouble finding one I feel comfortable working with.

Good luck to you.

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Nomen Nescio

How's Kato and the CCRA?

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Tim Marshall

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