SHIP: Review - AFV Club 1/350 scale Type VII D U-Boat

Kit Review: AFV Club 1/350 scale Kit No. SE 73505; German U-Boat Type
VII D Minenleger; 81 parts (66 in olive drab styrene, 15 etched
brass); price estimated at US$30
Advantages: choice of waterline or full hull model; very petite
details; optional =93lift-off=94 feature for pressure hull
Disadvantages: very petite parts easily broken
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: to any 1/350 modeler who wants either a sub or diorama
AFV Club continues with their line of WWII German U-boats with the
long-hulled Typ VII D U-boot, which was built as a mine layer. The sub
had five mine carrying compartments added amidships and based on
source could carry from 15 to 35 mines for laying. Later the Germans
used this hull design to create the Typ VII F, which carried extra
torpedoes for reloading other U-boats.
Like the previous B and C it is petite, but as it is the =93long hull=94
it measures some 3 cm longer at 22 cm. The molded detail on this
submarine is amazing =96 as before it too shares the B sprue with the
VII B kit =96 and it offers the ability to open up the completed hull
and view the pressure hull and conning tower protrusion once
But this kit only comes with one conning tower and no optional
=93Wintergarten=94 fits for the antiaircraft suite.
The model provides a wealth of tiny details in the form of most of
the braces, brackets and guards found on the original and even
provides for rotation of the deck gun on the finished model. All parts
appear to be nearly scale, which causes a normal problem with AFV Club
kits of very fragile and tiny parts requiring extreme care in handling
them. Four torpedoes are provided for diorama fans wanting port
details to go with the model. It also provides =93kill pennants=94 for
ships sunk in etched brass.
This kit offers finishing options for either U-213, U-216 or U-218
with conning tower decals for each ship.
Overall this is again a neat little model and one that will help
anyone wishing to model either a =93wolfpack=94 or a collection of German
U-boat types.
Thanks to Miin Herng Tsueng for the review sample.
Cookie Sewell
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