Simple jug question

Hi all,
Building the tamiya bubble top, and I am stumped at a simple color question.
Kit calls for Zinc Cromate inside the Cowl but I fail to find reference
reflecting this as true. Most kits Ive seen built have a Neutral grey or
darker, throughout the inside of the cowl. and some I see follow the kit
What is the general school of thought in this forum.??
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Brett Johnson
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If you're seeing grey perhaps it's oil waste thrown there every time the engine runs. I went ahead and used the chromate but things have not gotten too far to change if the truth comes out here.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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The only coloured pics I have of a jug show yellow zinc chromate as the interior cowling colour.I can E Mail them if you would like . It's a museum exhibit painted in the grey green camo scheme,with invasion stripes . remove "no spam" from my e-mail addy to reply
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It would make most sence if it was just primed in Zinc Chromate, wheelwells and gunbays are yellow chromate on most Jug pictures, why waste time, money and accept a weight penalty by putting on a second layer inside the cowl.
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Claus Gustafsen
You really tink a couple of coats of paint in the cowl is a weight penalty? On a P-47????
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I'm wondering why they even bother with all that smudge and oil keeping it lubed.
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