sold kits at garage sale

sold the 1/100 Heller HMS Victory to an 8 yr old. He should be around
75 when he finishes it.
sold all but two cars. figured the Star Trek stuff would go right away
but went untouched.
hard to figure out customers given what I sold today.... I can see why
its hard for dealers and stores to decide what and what not to carry....
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Oh my God! How can you live with yourself! I was 30 years old when I bought that kit I just finished it last January (2 days before my 34th birthday)! LOL! Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Of course with my luck, someday I'll enter mine in a contest, and that 8 year old kids will beat the stuffing out of mine...
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Or, he may stick the hull together, glue on some guns and try sailing it in the bathtub. If it sinks he can always add more glue to make the hull watertight...;)
Bill Banaszak, MFE, AWMA
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Bill Banaszak

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