Tamiya Char Bis Photos

Chris Mrosko forwarded to me, shots of the new Tamiya
Char Bis; so I uploaded them to me webspace, so that
everyone can see the new kit:
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Greg Heilers
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Greg Heilers wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@earthNOSPAMlink.net:
Va! Va! Va! Voom!
However the big question is HOW MUCH! Yikes! May have to pry open the wallet regardless.
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Grey Ghost
WOOHOO!! I have beren waiting for one of these for 30 years! Worried about the price? priced one of these in resin lately?
I can hardly wait!! Thanks for posting the photos, Mike West/Lone Star Models
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Mike West
there are some great paint schemes for the old chair. i may have to build at least a bof and a german "volunteer".
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"Mike West" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@corp.supernews.com:
At last - a 'target' that this old airyplaner wants to build. w00t!! (c:
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Presumably the after-market variant kits will start appearing too ... there's a couple of interesting variations that the Germans created (e.g., the Flame-thrower version used at Arnhem).
Bruce Probst Melbourne, Australia
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Bruce Probst

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