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I have the Fujimi 1/72 Where can I get the declas for The Huff?
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Dr. Jose M. Paliza
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Dr. Paliza:
Ahh.....the F-86 with the dragon on the side? SuperScale used to make that one but I just checked on Squadron mail order and could not find it either in 1/48th or 1/72nd.
I would suggest an intensive 'net might find someone who has that sheet and would be willing to part with it. Try Ebay.
I think Monogram brought out a 1/48th F-86 back in the '90's with that scheme. I would think such a popular and colorful scheme for the '86 would still be in production by some aftermarket manufacturer.
Hope this helps!
Tom Bower
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Tom Bower
I believe there's one iteration of the Fujimi kit that contains those decals... you might go to Hobby Link Japan, and check the Fujimi listings. If they still have it, you can at least get the kit number... Don H.
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Don Harstad
It's been a while! Hope all is well with you.
The Region 3 IPMS show is here in Atlanta this weekend. There will be 185 vendor tables at the show. I should be able to find them for you.
Let me know if you find them before Friday.
The 2005 IPMS/USA Nationals are in Atlanta. Hope you will be able to visit!
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Art Murray

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